CM P05

Manufacturer name Caminetti Montegrappa
Nominal power 10,5 kW
Glass type Double sided
Yield 80 %
Chimney connection Ø 180 mm
Tertiary air yes
Air supply Ø 2 x 150 mm
Length of logs 70 cm
Opening vertikalno
Air channeling 2 x fi150
Weight 234 kg
Dimensions 920 x 550 x 1460 mm
Warranty 2 years
Color črna
Accessories Pribor za naravno konvekcijo
Pribor za prislino konvekcijo
Pribor za kanaliziranje dovoda zraka

Price: 3.700,00

Rate of CO 0,1 %
Emission temperature 255 °C
Firebox construction šamot CMtech®
Perimeter construction kotlovska pločevina